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Track & Trace within The Netherlands – maximum size of box 50 x 50 x 100 cm – costs € 12,25. Track & Trace within Europe – maximum size of box 50 x 50 x 100 cm – costs € 25,00.

Larger packages, and packages abroad we will ship through Postnl, Fedex or DHL. You will receive a quote for this in advance.

It is very expensive to ship large lamps. One way to avoid this is to fold the lamp and ship it in a smaller box. This will sometimes save you hundreds of euros. In the package you will find all necessities to harden the lamp again after unfolding it, so the seams won’t be visible anymore. We will send you an e-mail with an instruction video.

Returning a product
Any problems with a product? Feel free to call us. Together we will find a solution.

Delivery time
Delivery time for a handmade design is maximum 4 weeks for a felt lamp and 6 weeks for a lamp in the Felt+Paper collection.

When ordering a lamp or wall panel you will receive a confirmation mail with the invoice for a 50% deposit. After delivery you receive an invoice for the other 50%. This invoice will also include shipping costs and possible extra costs, for example for extra meters of electric cord.

Orders abroad must be paid in one go.
Payments abroad can be made via Paypal or via your own bank. The confirmation mail will include a payment link. Costs are 3,4 % – 5,4 % of the total amount of money, including shipment costs.


Do you have a question about a design lamp or acoustic panel?
Check whether your question is listed. Or feel free to call or mail us.

Which lamp can I place in the fitting?
For our basic collection we recommend to use a CFL or led. The E27 fitting has a quality mark, so a high wattage is no problem.

Is the lamp flammable?
Wool is not a flammable product. Do always use the construction it comes with, so the light source remains at a safe distance of the felted lampshade.

How do I clean the lamp or wall panel?
Your lamp can easily be cleaned with a dry cloth. Or carefully use the fine nozzle of the vacuum cleaner. The lamp is hardened with a water based hardener, so you best use a dry cloth. Once a year is sufficient.

How do I transport the lamp?
This is very easy. Just blow up the included balloon in the lamp and close it with a clip. This way you lamp will stay in shape.

Is my lamp certified?
The vital part, the electrical parts such as the fitting and the electrical cord are certified. The suspension construction is delivered by a professional company specialized in making lampshades. In a professional way we combine the different parts in our studio in The Hague. Thus we are able to deliver you a reliable product.

Are the lamps heavy?
No, the lamps are extremely light even. MO 25 weighs about 350 grams and the gigantic MO 80 weighs max. 2 kilos.

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