Vilt aan Zee creates sustainable lighting made of natural white sheep wool processed into felt. We build up the wool in several thin layers in order to let the light shine through the beautiful texture of the felt. We make sure the felted lamp is strong enough to maintain its shape.

If you like colored lamps or would like to add a personal touch to your lamp, we suggest to choose a LOMOCO+ or the XEI+ lamp. By mixing in decorations such as silk or bamboo we can create your unique lamp. We are happy to help you choosing.

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The felted fabric we create is made from 100% natural wool. We make two types of wall panels, decorative panels and light panels. Light panels and decorative panels have the same production technique, however a light panel has an addition of a LED lighting fixture. This lighting fixture is placed on the back of the felt, making it a light object.

All our wall panels are made by hand and on request. The panels are build up from different colored layers of wool, consisting of various designs – from organic shapes to abstract color fields. They are art objects that simultaneously improve your room acoustics. The handmade wall panels can be made in the size and color of your choice. We are happy to help you choosing.

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