Light panels

A special atmospheric way of lighting. In consultation we determine the size, the pattern of the felt cloth and the framework of the panel.

The panels are made to your specifications. Besides the design and color, you can choose between different frames and whether you want to add an extra acoustic blanket behind the felt cloth.

We will make two samples of 20 cm x 30 cm prior to the real thing. You can decide afterwards whether you want to continue with the project. For the samples we charge € 50,00. If you agree with the design this € 50.00 will be deducted from the total amount.

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Vilten lichtpaneel
Vilten lichtpaneel

The fabric of a light panel is made of several layers of natural white sheep’s wool topped with decorations such as strips of cotton fabric, strands of silk, bandages, bamboo. We discuss the wishes beforehand and make a design.

Behind the cloth we place an RGB LED strip that you can set to the color you like with a remote control.

Price for this light panel 2.70 x 0.50 m with visible frame: € 1.850,00

Choose your frame

Willems Werkplaats, our opposite neighbor in the Boekhorststraat, makes a professional frame so you can hang it properly and easily. You can choose from two possibilities.

1 The canvas is stretched in a wooden frame where the frame is visible.

2 The canvas is stretched in a wooden frame where the frame is not visible. The felt is stretched around it and sewn together at the corners.

Kleine lichtpaneel

Below are examples of light panels for inspiration.

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