In depth felting course


You are welcome to join this felting course, located in my shop and atelier in The Haque.

In the first lesson I will teach you how the felting process works and I will explain everything about wool, technique and possibilities.

In the second lesson you will learn how to make a seamless work. You get to decide what you want to make. A pencil case, a cover, etc.

In the third lesson we will make a work of wool combined with other fibers like cotton and silk.

During this course you have the opportunity to learn how to work with the carding mill and the felting machine.

Date:  No dates at the moment

Time: 10:00 – 14:00 hrs

Costs: € 210,00 for a three day course

Included: coffee and tea and material

Group: four participants

Yes, I will participate in this in-depth-course!


Are you looking for an original sustainable and fun present? Buy a voucher for a workshop at Vilt aan Zee. The happy recipient gets to decide what day (see the above data) fits best. The voucher will be sent to your home address.

Yes, I want to order a voucher!

afdruk van lepel in stuk vilt
workshop vilten

Need help?

Do you want to make something specific and need help with that? You are welcome to work in our studio/work place. You can use our materials or bring your own.

When: by appointment
Costs: € 40,00 per hour
Included: coffee and tea

workshop vilten
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