About us and the making process

Anne van de Weijer

Anne van de Weijer is de eigenares van Vilt aan Zee.  Ze maakt de producten zelf en bedenkt nieuwe ontwerpen in haar winkel-atelier in Den Haag.

‘After having worked as an architect I started Vilt aan Zee in 2011. I wanted to make the products myself, not only designing them. I love the natural material, the softness and even the smell of wool. Especially the big lamps that involve really hard work are very rewarding.

I never lost my love for sketching and designing on paper or digitally. I love thinking about the possibilities with my client.

I use colored wool for the wall panels. The intensity of the color is magnificent. I love abstract color areas like Mark Rothko and Marthe WeryThey are a source of inspiration form my wall panels. At first you experience one color but if you look closer you will see it is made of all kinds of colors.’

maakproces lmap


The making of

Felt is formed when you combine wool, warm water, olive soap and energy. A simple and ancient way to make fabric out of 100 % wool.

We buy the wool as carded tops. Carded tops isn’t spun yet, like the wool you use to knit with, but it has loose hairs that have been washed and combed.

There’s all kinds of sheep and so there’s all sorts of wool. One wool is more curly and yellowish, while another is natural white and has a more quiet appearance.

We consciously choose to buy wool that is produced in Europe and meets bio standards.

anne met lamp
maakproces lamp

In several layers we put the wool on a mold in a certain patron characteristic for Vilt aan Zee’s lamps. Then we wet the wool with warm water and olive soap and rub our hands over the wool. This changes the loose fibers into fabric. The longer you continue rubbing the more the fabric shrinks and the firmer it becomes. Just like a woolen sweater that accidentally ended up in the washing machine.

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Scholarships and exhibitions

Beurs D-Day, Maastricht 2013 en 2014
Beurs Dutch Design Week, Eindhoven 2014 en 2016
Beurs Object Rotterdam 2014
Beurs Design District, Zaanstad 2015
Tentoonstelling De Kapberg, Egmond aan de Hoef 2018
Tentoonstellingen Whispering Wall, Den Haag 2016 – 2018
Tentoonstelling Galerie Kunstig, Tilburg 2018 – 2019
Beurs Design Passage 2023
Tentoonstelling Galerie Kunstig, Tilburg 2023 – 2024