Three days course

Would you like to learn to felt yourself? Try our in-depth course of three days! In my studio I will teach you different techniques. Each lesson has a different theme.

During these lessons you will learn many things about the felting process. You will make a little felted painting, you will felt a 3D object and you will learn about combining wool with other natural fibers. In the workshop you get the opportunity to work with the carding mill.

The second lesson I show you how to make a seamless work.

The third lesson we make a work of wool combined with other fibers such as cotton and silk.

During the workshop you can learn to work with the felt machine and the carding mill.

Dates course spring 2023: March 9, April 6, May 11 - full 
Dates course autumn 2023: 14 sept, 12 okt, 9 nov – vol
Dates course winter 2023/2024: 7 Dec, 11, Jan, 8 Feb

Time: 10:00 – 14:00
Cost: € 240,00 for three days. Includes coffee/tea and the materials
Group: Minimum four participants, maximum five.

Yes, I will join the deepening course!

workshop vilten

Three hours course

Would you like to learn to felt with a group of friends or with your family? You are welcome in my studio in the Boekhorststraat in The Hague. In consultation we determine what you would like to learn. This can be a painting, or a 3 D object like a bottle. Or maybe something completely different.

The workshop takes 3 hours.

Time: not fixed but not in the evening
Cost: € 60,00 per person. This includes coffee/tea and the materials.
Group: Minimum four participants, maximum 5

Yes, I would like to come for an afternoon of felting.