Vilt aan Zee from 2011

Since the start of Vilt aan Zee we have realized many special projects. In restaurants, day care centres and a lot of private homes in The Netherlands, but also abroad, like in North America. Below you find a selection of our work of the last 10 years.

Private home, Capelle a/d IJssel

Year: 2020
Project: wall paper 2,05 x 1,25 m

The new residents of a renovated home asked us to make a wall panel. The house has an extension that is quite high, with a high grey painted wall. An ideal location for a big wall panel. The residents preferred an abstract image in which all kinds of things could be recognized. It shouldn’t be too dark and it should have a visual link with the colors of the floor and the blue wall on the other side of the space. After some testing we chose to make a wall cloth with vibrant colors, built up in four layers.


Private home, Utrecht

Year: 2019
Project: cloudy elongated lamp

What to hang above an oval table that is 3,5 m long and 1 m wide? The residents preferred something elongated so the light would be sufficient along the whole table. We came up with a lamp of 1,20 m x 0,50 m without an opening in the bottom. This way you prevent light spots on the tabletop.

For having enough light to read the paper and at the same time have mood light at night we recommended the Sceneswitch lamp by Philips. With this lamp you can choose three different positions, without needing a dimmer. Really clever!

Ocher colored lamps

Year: 2019
Project: Lamps combined with ocher colored wool.

During the last quarter of 2019 we had a striking number of orders for lamps with a ocher colored accent. We made lamps with a rim of painted wool and lamps with an ocher colored silk thread added to the white wool. During the felting-process the two different materials intertwine.
When ordering a lamp with an additional color, it might also be a good idea to order the cable and ceiling socket in the same color, making it a whole.

Restaurant Didong, The Hague

Year: 2018
Project: 3 x XEI 30 + black rim

In 2012 we made three felted lamps and a light panel for restaurant Didong Six years later they wanted a new look. The light panel is replaced for a modern black tubular construction (made by, in combination with three XEI lamps with a black rim. The fabric and the panel will be recycled.

Private home, Delft

Year: 2018
Opdracht: 3 x MO 70

We made three MO 70 lamps for a canal house at Oude Delft in Delft. The living room has a high ceiling with lavish ornaments. With every ornament we hang a feltedlamp with an opening in the top side, this way extra highlighting the ornaments. The Japanese prints on the wall combine beautifully with the felted light objects.

Day care centre Bij Meneertje Koekenpeertje, The Hague

Year: 2018
Project: 1 x MO 40 + turkoois and yellow silk and 1 x XEI 35 + turkoois and yellow silk

Our lamps are very suitable for day care centres. They give quiet light and you can give them a playfull twist by adding decoration. The logo of the new day care centre ‘ ‘Bij Meneertje Koekenpeertje‘ is a yellow turkoois colored pear. The owner wished to see these colors in the lamps too. We added colored silk to the wool, giving the lamps a striking rim. Original and well fitting with the corporate identity. A good example of Vilt aan Zee’s work.

Day care centre Koek en Ei, The Hague

Year: 2017
Project: 1 x MO 50, 1 x MO 40, 1 x XEICO 30, 2 x MO 25

Day care centre Koek en Ei in The Hague is tastefully decorated. We hung several felted lamps in the sleeping area, above the dinner table and in the indoor play areas. Combined with the quiet decor of bare wood and white walls these spaces became very nice and attractive.

Restaurant Uchi, Denver, North-America

Year: 2018
Project: 4 x Felt+Paper lamps, 4 x XEI lamps in different sizes, felt canvas 1,47 x 1,0 m

Architectural firm Tres Birds Workshop in Denver asked us to make lamps for Asian restaurant UchiWe also got to make two wall panels in the colors of the present floral wallpaper. On sight the cloths were stretched around a frame, making them an acoustic divider between tables. We are very proud our work is hanging in such a beautifully designed restaurant.

Private home, The Hague

Year: 2017 and 2018
Project: MO 30 en XEI 35 and a sea green wall panel 1,05 x 1,40 m

Apart from two lamps we were also given the opportunity to make a sea green wall cloth. For this cloth we first mixed the colors in the carding mill. Not only did we use wool in green shades but also in beige and red shades. Laying the wool is like painting, when looking at compostition and color.

Desert Vintage, Tucson, North-America

Year: 2017
Project: 2 x LO100

A good example of Vilt aan Zee’s work are two big lamps we made for design clothing store Desert Vintage Desert Vintage in Tucson. Because the lamps were quite big in finished state, which made the shipping fees very high, we send them as wool bags, together with glue, balloons and a clear description how to harden the lamp. It wasn’t easy but they managed. The lamps are hanging beautifully. Because of these lamps we’ve had new customers from North America on a regular basis.

Private home Genk

Year: 2016
Project: three acoustic panels

Our clients were looking for acoustic panels for the living room of their new home. Out of 5 testing cloths they chose red, grey and dark blue. The three fairly large panels are stretched around a wooden frame. To improve the acoustics we put extra wool behind the panel. The photos show the making-of as well as an impression of what it would look like in our own home.

Private home, Scheveningen

Year: 2015
Opdracht: a light object consisting of 7 x LO 25

For their spacious living room in a beautifully renovated mansion in Scheveningen, the owners are looking for a solution for bad acoustics and a lack of a warm atmosphere.
Seven small felted lamps hanging at different heights above the table turn into an atmospheric light object that divides the space, making it look less like a ‘hall’.
Theatrically centred in the bay window a large lamp of 60 cm hangs in the front room.

Holland Route Huis, Zaanstad

Project: 20 lamps MO LO CO 20-30-40-80

In the information center of the Hembrug area in Zaanstad. The soft felted lamps contrast beautifully with the industrial building. The small lamps hang in converted jeeps, the middle sized lamps hang above the bar and randomly in the room, the large lamps light up the ridge and hang above the office table.

Eyeworks, Amsterdam

Year: 2013 Project: Eight felt lamps LO 120

To give their quite sober large open space a warm appearance and to improve their acoustics, former tv producer Eyeworksasked Vilt aan Zee to make eight lamps of 1,20 m. Because of their size, the repetitive patron and their appearance these lamps are impressive, and they clearly show their woolen structure. They beautifully contrast with the black wooden rim.

Architectural office ADP, Amsterdam

Year: 2010 Project: Felt lamp CO 120 Architectural office ADP was looking for a large and exceptional lamp to hang above their conference table. In collaboration a lamp named ‘Sjaan’ was created and was included in our permanent collection. architectenbureau ADP een grote en bijzondere lamp. In samenwerking is de lamp genaamd ‘Sjaan’ ontstaan en sindsdien is dit type lamp in de vaste collectie opgenomen.