Sound-absorbing wall panels

Felted wall panels not only give a nice warm ambience in your interior but they also improve the acoustics.
The wall panels are custom made. To help you choose we made a division in three types; abstract, scenic and figurative wall panels.


Scenic wall panels

Painting with wool


With a carding machine we mix the different shades. In this way we can create beautiful color transitions. Layering the wool is an intuitive process. It is a bit like painting with wool.

Would you like a cloth that combines well with the colors of your room? No problem, we have many colors of wool in our shop. We make tests beforehand which we discuss before starting.

Price three color planes ( 1,05 m x 1,40 m): € 1.300,00 (sold)

Abstract wall panels

Several layers of colored wool on top of each other.

vilten panelen
Gekleurde schapenwol

First I put three or four thin layers of different colored wool on top of each other. After felting you will see a fabric with one dominant color, the top layer, but when you look closely you will also see the other colors coming through. It makes the fabric look lively. When finished the fabric is hardened with, on water based, glue. In this way it is easy, when preferred, to cut sharp edges which gives a beautiful contrast with the organic edges on the other side. The combination of several color planes next to each other make a beautiful art piece which also improves the acoustics in the room.

Interested, but need advice? Let us know and we will make a sketch and sample patches to determine the colors together.

Price for this piece € 1500,00 (sold)


Figurative wall panels

Outspoken shapes with large color contrasts.

vilten panelen
vilten paneel
vilten doek blauwe stip
vilten doek blauwe stip

The making of this wall panel is inspired by the process of making the lamps which means that the wool is laid from the center. The bright color blue contrasts nicely with the white. The edge of the two colors gives a sense of movement.

Would you also like a dot but in a different color combination, or you would like a different shape? Let us know. We love new ideas!

Price white dot ( 1,0 m x 1,0 m): € 800,00 without frame – € 950,00 with frame.
Price blue dot (0.75 m x 0.75 m): € 650.00 (sold)

Choose your frame

There are four ways to hang the felt cloth. We will discuss your requirements about the type of wood and the thickness of the frame beforehand. Willems Werkplaats, our regular frame maker, makes a professional frame that allows you to hang it properly and easily. In terms of price, option 1 and 2 are more expensive than option 3. Option 4 costs nothing.

1.The cloth is stretched in a wooden frame. The frame is visible.

2.The cloth is stretched in a wooden frame, The frame is not visible. The felt is stretched around it and sewn together at the corners.

3.The cloth is stick to a wooden frame with velcro. The frame is slightly smaller than the cloth which gives a floating effect.

4.The cloth is hung with needles. So no extra frame is used.

Lichtpaneel vilt
vilten paneel Vilt aan Zee
vilten panelen
vilten doek

How does an acoustic panel work?

Felt absorbs sound waves. The felt cloth has an open structure. As a result, the sound waves do not bounce back but penetrate through the cloth. This reduces the reverberation in the room. The effectiveness depends on the surface (the larger the better), the thickness of the cloth and the placement of the cloth.

Because making very thick felt is very time-consuming, we place, to achieve mass, a sound-absorbing wool blanket behind the cloth. This blanket is specially designed for this purpose.

To maximize the sound-absorbing effect the location of the wall panel is very important. For example, the wall behind the dining table is a logical place. In short, a sound wave that you or, for example, a sound box produces should be interrupted or absorbed as quickly as possible. Besides wall panels we recommend multiple interventions. So in addition to a panel, also a rug, curtains, plants, pillows, etc. The combination of all these factors will make the reverberation disappear.

Wollen deken Doscha

Sound absorbing blanket behind canvas.

schema akoestisch paneel

Below are examples of colored wall panels, for your inspiration.

The panels are made to your specifications. Besides the design and color, you can also choose between different frames and whether you want to add an additional acoustic blanket behind the felt cloth. 

We will make an offer and test pieces of 20 cm x 25 cm prior to the real work. You decide if you want to continue with it afterwards. For the samples we charge € 100,00.