Choose an extra color or threads to personalize your lamp!

The lamps are made from natural white sheep's wool which has a beautiful effect when the light turns on. The structure of the material and the pattern of the laying of the wool becomes clearly visible.

Would you like to make the lamp even more personal or exuberant you can add a decoration at a small extra cost (see + or ++ in the price list). For example, a colored border or threads in a mix of colors. The fibers are placed on top of the wool and felted along so that it becomes a whole. Hieronder staan de mogelijkheden op een rijtje.

The different vessels you can add.

Threads: These thin threads add a playful touch to your lamp. They are available in many colors. You can put the slightly thicker thread as a "drawing" on the lamp.  
Adding the threads does not affect the light output.

Rood zijdedraad in vilt
Staand lampje met vilten kap met zijdedraad

Colored sheepwool: Choose a nice gradient from white to ochre yellow. Or a border around the opening of the lamp in the color of your choice. Or just small tufts spread over the lamp. You can also have the colors mixed so that you get a mix of, for example, different shades of sea green. We have a large amount of colors available so your desired color is sure to be there.  
To ensure sufficient light output, we recommend not choosing too dark colors and not adding color to more than half of the lamp. When the light is on, the colored part becomes more intense in color.

vilten lamp MO 30 + oker

Silk: By applying silk tufts to the lamp you get a shiny somewhat curly layer on the wool. When the light is off you see the shine, when the light is on you see the curl of the silk. You can also apply the silk as a shiny border. The silk is available in a limited number of colors.

Opening vilten lamp CO 30 met bamboe

Ceiling rose: With the lamp you will receive a white metal ceiling rose with a diameter of 120 mm and a height of 25 mm.

You can also choose to have it felted (extra cost € 12.50). This can be done in white wool but also in the color you prefer.

Electric cord:

Per lamp you receive 2 m natural white iron cord. You can of course order more cord when needed (extra cost € 4,50 p/m).

Would you prefer a different color? We have ochre and beige iron cord in stock. Other colors I can order for you (extra charge € 5,00).

plafondkapje, snoer en ophangcontructie