FELT+PAPER 30 + blue pulp

A unique lamp made of felt and dark blue paper pulp

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This round Felt+Paper lamp is made of sheep wool with a layer of deep dark blue colored paperpulp on top.
The contrast between the hard dense pulp and the soft transparent felt becomes beautifully visible when the lamp is turned on.

Because of the direct light at the bottom, the lamp can easily be hung above a table. Alone or in combination with another lamp.

We make the Felt+Paper collection in collaboration with paper and painting studio Mark de Weijer.

You prefer a similar lamp but in a different size? Let us know!
We do not have the lamp in stock but after a maximum of eight weeks you will have your custom-made lamp at home.

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 32 × 32 × 28 cm

Colored paper pulp


White wool

Lamp socket


Suitable light source

LED lamp or energy saving lamp warm white

Type of light

Mood light


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