A small felt artwork in natural brown tones.

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A small felt painting reminiscent of a landscape or the earth's crust (Maankuori). The nature brown and pink tones and the material give the work a warm look.

It is made of different types of white sheep's wool, colored wool, and silk.

The size of the cloth is 25 x 32 cm.

The felt cloth is glued to a wooden frame. You can attach it to the wall with two nails or needles.

Do you like this work but would prefer it in a different size? Please let us know. In consultation we can discuss the possibilities.


Additional information

Dimensions 25 × 32 × 0,5 cm

Verschillende kleuren schapenwol, Zijde, Zijdedraad


Recycled wood. Glued behind a cloth. 2 cm deep.


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